It's the little things...

The simple (and sometimes overlooked) joys of everyday life: a smile from a stranger, beauty in nature, hot chocolate in a fat mug, a man cooing at a baby, art, panting dogs, a much-loved, well thumbed book, soul-touches-soul conversations; anything that lifts you up really. Plus a few complaints about humanity thrown in occasionally. This is my attempt at scrapbooking.


“ The library was circular, with a ceiling that tapered to a point, as if it had been built inside a tower. The walls were lined
with books, the shelves so high that tall ladders set on casters were placed along them at intervals. These were no ordinary books
either—these were books bound in leather and velvet, clasped with sturdy-looking locks and hinges made of brass and silver. Their
spines were studded with dully glowing jewels and illuminated with gold script. They looked worn in a way that made it clear that
these books were not just old but were well-used, and had been loved. ”

—    Cassandra Clare, City of Bones (via chaos-in-wonderland)

(via bookporn)