It's the little things...

The simple (and sometimes overlooked) joys of everyday life: a smile from a stranger, beauty in nature, hot chocolate in a fat mug, a man cooing at a baby, art, panting dogs, a much-loved, well thumbed book, soul-touches-soul conversations; anything that lifts you up really. Plus a few complaints about humanity thrown in occasionally. This is my attempt at scrapbooking.



'Photographing the Past No.2'

I’ve just been to the location shooting of the film, ‘Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass’.

The vast smoke machines created such a superb atmosphere, I couldn’t help editing them in the maritime painting style of Turner. 

By Freddie Ardley Photography

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“ Books on the bookshelves
And stacked on the floor
Books kept in baskets
And propped by the door
Books in neat piles
And in disarray
Books tucked in closets
And books on display
Books filling crannies
And books packed in nooks
Books massed in windows
And mounded in crooks
Libraries beckon
And bookstores invite
But book-filled rooms welcome
Us back home at night! ”

—    L.R. Knost (via wordpainting)

(via booklover)